If your car starts leaking fluid in Redding, CA, you might think that you’re in for some costly repairs. However, our people at Redding Kia are here to give you an inside look at the common leakages that you may experience with your car. We are also going to share what these leakages can tell you about your car's health.

If you experience a collection of fluid around your vehicle, the first thing to do is identify what the fluid is. Sometimes it’s just water, and this water may not even be a leak at all. However, actual vehicle fluids have distinct features that you can differentiate. Fluids such as battery acid, motor oil, and fuel have distinct smells that let you identify them immediately. Color can also be a clear indicator of what fluid may be leaking from your car.

Regardless of the cause of the leak, you want to rectify the issue as soon as possible. With that said, not all leakages are equal. Leakages from your brake fluids, motor oil, or battery can lead to serious compromises in vehicle performance and safety. However, other leakages like antifreeze and fuel present fairly few dangers to how you operate your car.

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