Few Redding, CA drivers expect to experience blowouts. Sadly, however, local freeways are littered with tire debris and bear the distinctive skid marks of vehicles veering out of control. At Redding Kia, we're committed to sharing information that helps motorists avoid blowouts and other dangerous events. That's why we're sharing several reasons to make tire pressure a regular point of consideration.

Lots of Things Can Impact the Air Pressure in Your Tires

Tires can develop slow, inconspicuous leaks if they've traveled over nails, broken glass, screws, or other small-sized debris. However, significant changes in outside temperatures can also affect the air pressure in your tires. Having a tire pressure gauge and regularly putting it to use is one easy way to make sure that you're never riding around on tires that are in danger of blowing out.

How Incorrect Air Pressure Causes Tire Blowouts

Air pressure determines how much of your tire connects with the road and how quickly your tires wear down. When you have too much air in any tire, only a thin strip of its surface is actually touching the road. Not only does this mean that there's less friction and less control, but it also means that the center portion of the tire will wear down rapidly. If your tires are severely under-inflated, they'll have a lot more ground contact and a lot more friction to bear. Sagging, under-inflated tires tend to sustain a considerable amount of damage at their sidewalls which are constantly flexing and contracting whenever the vehicle is in motion.

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