There are excellent benefits to maintaining a clean car engine. But there isn't anything more important than the impact it has at resale or trade-in. Imagine if potential Redding, CA buyers saw an engine that was sparkly clean! Whether you're trying to sell your car now or sometime in the future, you can benefit from a cleaner car engine. And Redding Kia can help!

To begin the cleaning process, disconnect the negative battery cable. Next, remove any particles on the engine that are visible by using a cleaning brush. Then, use an engine degreaser directly on the engine surface to remove the dirt and other particles. Use as much as you think is necessary. The engine degreaser must remain in place long enough to penetrate the dirt. We recommend 30 minutes. If your engine is older or very dirty, you may need to focus more on difficult areas. Remove the degreaser and dirt with a water hose. And repeat as needed.

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