What happens when you have 2/32 of tread depth left on a tire? The tire has to go. The treads are too low, and the vehicle could lose traction. Interestingly, you can measure tread depth with a Lincoln penny. Once you see the top of Lincoln's head on the penny, the treads are too low.

Tread issues aren't the only things to worry about on tires. If you see cracks on the sidewall, driving in Redding, CA can become dangerous. The tire could explode while driving, leading to a crash. Blowouts do happen when tires are in poor shape.

Also, look for blisters, bulges, and weird treadwear patterns. They are bad signs. And worry about a car suffering from excess vibrations. You might have a wheel alignment issue that ruins the tires.

At Redding Kia, we want your car to get the best tire service and overall maintenance. Visit our service center when you need work done.

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