Many drivers have come to see the wisdom of using specialized hardware tools called roof racks to extend their internal cargo capabilities. While car roof racks that are properly sourced, installed and used can be of great value, incorrectly mounted roof racks can be hazardous. In order to avoid any preventable issues, vehicle operators should follow a few simple roof rack use rules.

First, effective roof rack users should check the weight limit of their vehicle roofs and of the racks themselves. Individuals who install racks that are too small for their intended tasks may be setting up their hardware for damage or even complete loss.

Next, roof rack users should make sure to properly secure their hardware. Roof rack design styles vary widely, and different types of roof racks tend to use proprietary fastenings. As such, it is of great importance for prospective rack users to properly secure their hardware.

Another important roof rack tip is to always tie down oversize objects to the vehicle chassis itself. Items such as ladders or small boats should be lashed tightly to roof racking systems, and also balanced properly by securing protruding ends to proper vehicle anchor points.

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