Android Auto Overview

Have you seen the latest apps available with your vehicle? Android Auto is the latest infotainment app from Google that lets you seamlessly sync up to all of the apps on your phone. This means that you can access messaging, calling, music, and navigation apps on your phone just by syncing up with Android Auto. It enables your LCD screen on your car to instantly sync up and display your phone’s home screen.

There are multiple ways to connect to Android Auto, but you have to have one of 400 cars that were made to have Android Auto available. Some infotainment systems still don’t sync up with this app or its counterpart Apple CarPlay. Since the app mimics your phone, you can also access Google Assistant and make any request just by using your voice.

You can see everything on your home screen with Android Auto. Don’t believe it? Try this new infotainment system when you visit Redding Kia located in Redding, CA for a test drive.

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