Odd Sights and Smells

You're not supposed to feel a vibration when you depress the brake pedal in your car. Vibrations often occur when the rotors have hot spots from the brakes getting too heated. As time goes by, the rotors will continue to deteriorate, resulting in new rotors being required.

When you brake and smell a strong odor of something burning, it usually means that you have an overheating problem. Your brakes are not supposed to reach a point to where they are so hot that they smell or smoke. A glazing effect can occur, reducing your stop time while in Redding, CA.

A sign that there is something wrong with your brake system is the warning light. The light could be on because you need more brake fluid or because there is an issue with your pads. Someone at Redding Kia can examine your brakes to find out why the light is on, fixing the problem so that the light goes off.

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