When money is tight, you may consider refinancing your current auto loan. Or, you could ponder trading in the vehicle at a dealership and buy a new, less-expensive vehicle. Before you do anything, thinks things through. You want to make the best decision possible.

Trading in the car can be a good or bad move depending on various factors. If the vehicle is paid off or the loan balance is low, the trade-in may work. When the new vehicle you purchase has a reasonable price tag and fewer maintenance requirements, things may work out.

Refinancing can be an easier option. And you may be happy with the car but not the payments. A new loan delivering lower interest rates and monthly payments may fiscally straighten things out. Refinancing could provide a partial solution to current financial woes.

Financing or refinancing in Redding, CA doesn't need to be difficult. Discuss financing options with someone at Redding Kia, and get the car you want.

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