The Link Between Transmission Type and Stability

Here at Redding Kia, we like to help our drivers maintain the highest levels of safety and stability. As it turns out, the type of transmission that a vehicle has can have a lot to do with how stable it is. Some of the commonly found transmissions include front-wheel-drive, rear wheel drive, and all-wheel-drive.

Front wheel drive vehicles tend to suffer from understeering issues. Understeers can occur when the front drive wheels lose traction or contact with the roadways. Because front wheel drive vehicles often have more weight toward the front of the vehicles than the rear, this can encourage understeer to occur during high-speed or high-tension maneuvers.

Rear wheel drive vehicles tend to suffer from the ills of oversteering. Oversteering happens when the rear wheels lose contact with the road, and this can cause fishtailing/loss of control.

All-wheel-drive vehicles often have what is known as neutral steering. Vehicles of this type do not necessarily either oversteer or understeer, but drivers nevertheless need to remain vigilant and in control.

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