Follow These Tips for a Great Off-Road Experience

At Redding Kia in Redding, CA, our team tries to keep our consumers informed about their vehicles so that they can get the most out of them. If you have an SUV that you want to take off-roading, it is important that you are prepared. Follow these beginner tips for a fun and safe experience.

There are several ways that you can lean off-roading skills and connect with others who enjoy off-roading. Vehicle-specific forums are a great way to learn about local trails and meet those who enjoy off-roading. Local off-road clubs can be a helpful way to get prepared for off-road adventures, and local off-road shops often host trail events for beginners.

It is important to pack the right equipment when you go off-roading. Most trails that offer off-road runs will require that drivers pack a tow strap, fire extinguisher, and a full-size spare tire. It is also a good idea to pack a communication device. You can stay connected with a CB or handheld FRS/GMRS radio when you are on the trails.

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