How to Use a Roof Rack

When you use a roof rack, its cargo may be exposed to high speeds, wet weather, and flying debris. Here are three rules for keeping your belongings, not to mention your back and neck, safe from harm.

  • Read the instructions before getting started.
  • Don't work alone; ask for help.
  • Attach the carrier to the roof of your vehicle first, then load it in situ.
Additional precautions

If you are carrying a bike, canoe, surfboard, etc., secure the item to your vehicle as well as to the roof rack. Most vehicles come with towing eyes at the front and rear.

If your roof rack came with a key, use it, making sure you place the key on your car key ring. This will keep your cargo safe from curious bystanders when you stop for comfort stops. Finally, remember that your vehicle is taller than it is without the extra cargo.

Applying these measures will protect your cargo, your back, and the paint job on your vehicle. Have a great trip!

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