Should You Get an All-Weather Rubber Mat or a Carpet Mat for Your Car?

At Redding Kia in Redding, CA, we care about our readers being informed vehicle owners and knowing how to get the most out of their accessories. A common decision in accessories that car owners make is whether to get an all-weather rubber floor mat or a carpet floor mat.

If you often track in a lot of dirt into the car, then an all-weather rubber mat is probably the better choice. You can clean it with a water hose. Carpet mats, in contrast, are more difficult to clean. Luxury car owners often choose carpet mats because they prefer the look. Carpet mats also come in many different colors, letting you further customize your vehicle.

The choice between all-weather floor mats and carpet floor mats come down to style preferences and how often you're willing to clean them. If you track dirt inside the vehicle often, be aware that you'll need to frequently clean the carpet floor mats. All-weather floor mats are designed to handle a lot of abuse, and they are easy to clean with the spray of a water hose.

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