Keeping Coolant Flowing

There's nothing like driving down the road and seeing the temperature gauge in your car starting to climb. This means that your car is overheating. There are a few different reasons as to why this could be happening while you're driving in Redding, CA.

One of the common reasons for overheating is a failing water pump or one that has stopped working completely. This part controls the coolant that flows through your vehicle. When it fails, coolant can't reach your engine, causing it to get too hot. If the engine continues to overheat because of a lack of coolant, then you risk damaging the head gasket and other components.

There are belts that operate in and near the engine that help to control the flow of coolant as well. These often work in conjunction with the water pump. If a belt is loose or breaks, then it will keep the pump from working as it should. Redding Kia can usually replace any belts that are damaged so that the other parts continue to function.

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