Packing Your Roadside Emergency Kit Correctly

In order to pack your roadside emergency kit correctly, be sure you have these essentials in the vehicle.

  • A set of jumper cables are going to make it easier for another driver to jump-start your vehicle and get you back on the road again.
  • One small first-aid kit can make all the difference if someone suffers injuries while your vehicle is disabled and you're waiting for medical help to arrive.
  • Pack extra fluids you may need if the vehicle experiences issues. Pack a quart of motor oil, gallon of engine coolant, and a quart of windshield wiper fluid.
  • Two or more cans of fix-a-flat will help get a disabled car from the road to the shoulder or possibly all the way to a local service station to make the repair.

Now that you have your roadside emergency kit packed, stop by our service center here at Redding Kia so we can give your vehicle a full inspection.

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