Tailgating Tips

If you are headed to a water park with your family this summer, you can make great use of your new ride from our Redding Kia. Not only can you use your vehicle to change into your swimsuits, but you can also use that back of your vehicle to tailgate. You can enjoy a nice lunch in the middle of the day with your family, and take a break before having more fun.

You can prepare some food ahead of time and keep it in some disposable tins or containers. Set them out on the back of your pickup and you have an automatic buffet for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to bring disposable utensils, paper plates and napkins to make for a fast and easy cleanup. That way you will be back to your fun in no time. Keep beverages on hand and cold in a small cooler with ice.

Our expert sales staff can get you in the perfect vehicle for tailgating. Stop by and see us today!

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