Is it Time to Check Your Timing Belt?

Your vehicle's engine is an intricate machine. It is vitally important that all its many parts work together in a synchronized manner. That is why the health of your timing belt is such a big deal.

The timing belt makes sure the camshaft and crankshaft are working together smoothly and in the appropriate rhythm. Should the timing belt break, your engine will stop running. A failed timing belt can cause serious damage, so regular maintenance can save you a lot of time and expense. Your owner's manual will tell you exactly how often the manufacturer suggests that your timing belt should be changed. However, you should always have your timing belt checked by a professional any time you hear whirring or squealing sounds coming from your engine.

Our service department at Redding Kia in Redding, CA is here to help you keep your vehicle in top condition. If it is time to check or replace your timing belt, feel free to give us a call today.

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