Where to Get GAP Insurance for Your Car

GAP Insurance is also known as Guaranteed Asset Protection and can be either be purchased at your dealership or your insurance company. If you are buying a car, then chances are that you will also buy insurance for the car.

Your dealership is one way to get GAP insurance and the easiest way, as you can apply for it as you buy your car. You need Gap Insurance if you bought a car on loan and either paid a small down payment or paid none at all. If your loan term is greater than 48 months, then you might need GAP insurance.

If you drive a lot, then the value of your car reduces quicker, and you can benefit from GAP insurance. If you have a car on lease, then it is wise to get GAP insurance for it. The team at Redding Kia will be more than happy to tell you all you need to know. Pay us a visit in Redding, CA.

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