Signs Your Car's Exhaust System is in Need of Repair

Your car's exhaust system does much more than reduce engine noise. A properly functioning exhaust system keeps harmful gases from entering the cabin of your vehicle, and it helps your engine run efficiently. The exhaust system also helps reduce the amount of pollutants emitted by your motor.

The exhaust system is a critical component of your car, so you should know some of the obvious warning signs that it is in need of repair. If you hear a rumbling or grumbling sound when you start your car, chances are good there is something wrong with the exhaust system. If your car sounds like a box of rocks shaking, your car's catalytic converter might be faulty. The catalytic converter is a component of your exhaust system.

If you hear a deep grumbling or rumbling noise or other strange noises coming from your car, you might need one of our specialists at Redding Kia to check out your exhaust system. Schedule an appointment in Redding, CA today.

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