Drive Safely with Bright Headlights

You depend on your headlights when you have low visibility. Dim headlights are a safety hazard. Other drivers might not see your car when you are driving at night, and you may have difficulty seeing obstructions in the road.

Your vehicle's headlights should shine brightly at night and on cloudy days. The headlights should be inspected by a professional automotive technician on a regular basis. A certified automotive technician will check the bulbs and the headlight housing.

We know drivers in Redding want reliable automotive services. At Redding Kia, our technicians want everyone to have bright headlights. The technician will inspect the headlights and explain the dimness. The bulb may need to be replaced. The headlights might need more service work if there is a deep crack in the headlight housing. The unit will need to be replaced. The issue can be repaired in a timely manner when the proper tools are used.

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