Mechanical Design of the Modern Hatchback

A hatchback typically has a compact body and an efficient powertrain. Having four doors and a liftgate, this versatile car is available for lease and sale at Redding Kia. As you browse the dealer's inventory in Redding, CA, you'll have plenty of options in terms of design and performance.

A sporty hatchback is engineered to accelerate quickly on the highway. This nimble and lightweight vehicle usually runs on a four-cylinder engine block, which may include a turbocharger for powerful output. A manual transmission system is another common mechanical feature that's available in this type of automobile.

Front-wheel drive is the most common drivetrain configuration for a hatchback. Low ground clearance is another distinct design that guarantees solid performance on the road. In general, this car isn't supposed to be driven on rough terrains. You won't find too many models that have all-wheel drive for off-road cruising in challenging conditions.

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