How to Keep Your Holiday Travel Mess-Free

Gathering for the holidays usually means one thing: food! Who doesn't love sharing new and traditional dishes with family and friends? However, transporting food can pose a challenge. Here are a few tips to keep your food safe and the inside of your car clean from the Redding Kia sales team:

  • Check your containers. If it's already leaking in the kitchen, it certainly won't be any more secure in the car. If needed, you can put tape, aluminum foil or cling wrap around the lid of a dish to keep it extra safe.
  • Boxes are your friend. Line some boxes with towels and put your hot or cold dishes inside. The towels will soak up any leaks and the box will help prevent tipping.
  • Location, location, location! The safest place for food is in the floor of the backseat or secured in your trunk. There's less room for the food to slide around, meaning less chance of leaks or spills!

All of us at Redding Kia here in Redding, CA wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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