Dashboard Warning Lights and When to Visit an Expert

Monitoring how your car behaves is made easier by the dashboard warning lights. However, with the many lights on the dashboard, it can be hectic to understand the exact meaning of the flashing light. We here at Redding Kia are indebted to our customers thus offer troubleshooting services and solutions.

If your engine warning light is illuminated, it is advisable to visit us for a diagnostic check of the vehicle. You may overlook this to a minimal faulty sensor when it could actually be a substantial mechanical issue. We have professional mechanics that will look at it.

An ABS light which is simple to notice due to the initials is an indication of issues with the anti-lock brake system. A professional diagnosis will come in handy when you have problems with anti-lock brake system.

When the airbag light is illuminated, it is an indication of a faulty airbag system. The problem is complicated and needs a guru to handle the issue.

Not all dashboard warning lights require a professional touch, but prevention is always better.

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