Newly Redesigned Kia Sportage Wins Ideal Vehicle Award



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There's nothing like a fresh, well-earned award to boost your confidence and say "here I am world. I'm awesome". Well the Kia Sportage SUV has the validation to say just that. Recently, the subcompact SUV topped the category in owner satisfaction by winning Autopacific's Ideal Vehicle Award.

Sportage SUV Beats the Competition Across Multiple Categories

For the new Kia Sportage to win Autopacific's Ideal Vehicle Award, it needed to top the charts across several categories that owners who were surveyed said they would want to change about their current vehicle. Owners were surveyed three months into their ownership, so they had time to get acquainted with their car. And out of all the vehicles in its class, the Kia Sportage ranked the highest in owner satisfaction, making it the ideal vehicle in the category, according to consumers.

To find out more about the all new Sportage SUV, give us a call at (888) 778-5635. You're always welcome to stop by our 418 East Cypress Avenue dealership also. At Redding Kia, we're ready, willing, and able to help you however we can.

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