"The customer service is awesome. It was my first time buying a car. They are very patient and helpful in assisting there customers. I was very surprised. Most car dealerships just try to get your money. Kia is the place to go! Redding KIA helped me understand what to look for when buying a new car and helped me understand the break down when purchasing the new car. Look for Billy and Robert!"
~Thankyou, Michaela Anderson~

"Had a great experience.. Everyone was great.. but a huge thank you goes out to Clinton. He was so helpfull and just a pleasure to hang out with while buying a SUV. Big Thanks Redding KIA"
~Rebecca Huber ~

"Dealt with a lot of automobile dealers. These people were as good as it gets. I really like that I was able to purchase locally and will do it again. They were patient and not the least bit pushy. Allowed one to go at ones own pace. Thank you Redding Kia"

~Joe Franzoia~

"Redding Kia and Cody Rollins are the BEST!!!! I really appreciated the low pressure atmosphere and the willingness to help from all the employees I came in contact with. Very friendly, knowledgable and awesome customer service. I will recommend them to anyone looking for a great car. Thanks for making it so easy KIA."
~Carol Howland~

I would like to start off by saying thank you for the great experience during my car buying nightmare. We recently purchased an Optima from Redding Kia after looking at all the other dealers in Redding. We stumbled along a new Kia dealership in Redding which we didn't know existed, as educated buyers we have been doing a lot of research online and found the Kia product to actually go above and beyond industry standards. I can't believe my wife didn't know there was a new car franchise in Redding when we've lived here 15 years. They treated my wife with the most utmost respect when I wasn't with her, and gave her a "no game no haggle" price. I returned to the dealership on saturday on my day off and had one of the most pleasent new car buying experience I've had in my life and TRUST ME I've bought a lot of new cars in my life already. From the sales rep to the finance department to the ownership itself, this is a top notch dealer and they will continue to have my business, my family's business and friends in the future.
~Best Regards, David Hammer~